Company Settings

Setting up your Company Profile

On the company profile settings page, you can set up the details information that is part of your public company profile. You can reach the company profile settings page by clicking on Settings in the main navigation or by using the edit action on your company profile. Company profile settings can be changed and updated only by the admin users of a company account.

Generally speaking, the more details you share on your company profile the better your business partners and customers can understand your company and services.

Company Profile Settings

Basic Information

The basic company information contains the company name, the about us statement and the company logo. Since this basic information is used for the preview rendering when a company profile is shared in social media, we recommend to complete it as soon as possible.

Good to know!

  • The more details you provide the better your customers understand your company and services
  • Company details play an important role for the search engine indexing of your company profile
  • Use the about statement to tell your companies story, but keep it clear and to the point

Company Details

The company details are displayed on the details part of the public company profile. The slogan and background image are also part of the company profile header. Here you can provide your companies website and social media links, contact and address information are also part of your company details.

Company Details Modal

Showing your Team on your Company Profile

Checking the Hide Team option will hide all team members on your public company profile. You can change that option at any time. Team members must give their personal consent by checking the Display Public option in their user profile settings before their profile will be shown publicly. Note that even if you hide your team publicly, the user name and profile picture of a team member will always be visible on internal collaboration workflows like quotes, chats or editing histories.


  • Showing your team on your company profile gives your business partners a more personal understanding of your company
  • Admin users can decide to hide the team on the public company profile page

Save your Settings

Click on the Save Changes button at the end of the settings form to save your changes. Saving changes will redirect you to your company profile page where you can see your changes take effect. If you leave the settings page without saving no changes will be saved.