Company Profile


The company profile is the basic public element of your account. You can think of it as a better company homepage, because it holds your company and teams details information and your public aircraft availabilities or freight requests. Your company profile is publicly visible, shareable and will be indexed by major search engines.

With your company profile you can provide business related information about your company and team to business partners around the globe. Visit your public company profile by clicking on your company name in the lower part of the main navigation after you logged in to your account.

Company Profile

Showing your Availabilities or Requests

Depending on the services you selected during registration (or later in your company settings), your company profile will show your public aircraft availabilities or freight requests. Visitors who are not registered to, will be able to view your public company profile so sharing your company profile in social media or email is possible.

Try it out by clicking the share action on your company profile header and paste the URL that was copied to your clipboard into the address bar of your web browser.

Good to know!

  • All your activity on will be linked to your company profile, so everyone can visit your company details at any time to better understand your company and services
  • The more details you share on your company profile, the better your business partners will understand you

Showing your Team

If you are an admin user of your company you can invite up to 5 team members to join your company account. As an admin user you can decide whether your team will be publicly visible on your company profile or not. We recommend showing your team, because that way your business partners will be able to gain a better understanding of your company.

Public and Private Information

The company profile is the public part of your company account, but not all information and activity will be publicly visible on You are in full control and can decide at any time what information is public or stays internal. Internals like quotes you receive on requests, chat messages, private or draft availabilities and requests will be never publicly visible. This gives you and your team the ability to collaborate internally, one major feature of your company account. Try it out and create a draft availability or private request, publish it later and watch it appear on your company profile.

Good to know!

  • Internal collaboration with your team is possible
  • You have full control over your public and internal information

Sharing your Company Profile

You can share the link URL to your company profile in social media channels or email signatures. Clicking the share action on your public profile page will copy the link to your clipboard. If you paste that link into social media or chat posts, a preview will be generated automatically that consists of the basic information of your company profile settings. We recommend using your company profile URL as part of your email signature to keep your customers and business partners up to date with your latest business related activity.


  • Share your company profile in social media channels
  • Keep your customers up to date by adding your company profile URL to your email signature