Selecting Services


Services are a key part of your company account. By selecting one or more services (availability, request), company admin users decide which role their company takes on Depending on which service module you select, your company gets the ability to create aircraft availabilities or freight requests, which are the basis for nearly all activity your company can take on

Selecting your Services

During the registration of your company account you are asked to select your companies services. Selecting a service isn’t mandatory but without a service selected, your company won’t be able to create and share aircraft availabilities or freight requests. The Service settings can be changed later on the Modules settings page that is part of your main settings page. Only admin users of a company can change the service module settings.

Settings Modules tab

What if I don’t want to select a service yet?

You can choose to not select a service during registration or change your setting and disable services later. But doing so will downgrade your company account to a simple company profile that may not be found by new customers and business partners.

Availability Services

If you are an airline, aircraft operator, GSA or broker, switch on the availability services to enable your company to:

Availabilities of your company will be displayed on the main availability search and your public company profile page. Quoting on a freight request opens up a chat option for your team members to chat with the requesting company to clear up and negotiate the details of your quote.


  • Create availabilities to display your aircrafts, one ways or empty legs
  • Quote on requests and chat with your customers
  • Share your availabilities in social media channels and email

Request Services

If you are a freight forwarder or a broker, switch on the request services to enable your company to:

Your public requests will be displayed in the main request search and on your company profile page. Your private requests can only be viewed by companies you explicitly invited to quote on it. Your Requests can be quoted by companies that either find your public requests or are invited to quote on one of your private requests. Receiving a quote on your request opens up a chat option for your team to chat with the quoting company and negotiate details.


  • Create private or public freight requests to receive quotes
  • Invite companies to quote on your private request
  • Receive quotes on your requests and chat in real time
  • Share your public requests in social media channels and email