Inviting your Team


On, every user account is part of a single company. Admin users of a company account can invite up to 5 team members to join the company account. Team members are users, that own an individual user account, but are firmly assigned to the company. All team members can collaborate internally on important tasks like managing aircraft availabilities or freight requests and chatting on quotes.

Every team member of a company account is on the spot with business related information and communication, regardless of where their actuall working place might be.


  • Invite up to 5 team members to join your company
  • Team members can collaborate internally
  • Working in remote teams is possible

Team Settings

Admin users can manage team members on the Team settings page. New team members can be invited, existing team members can be promoted to be an admin user or deleted. The color of the team member highlight indicates the current status of the user account.

Employee Settings

Status color of a team member:

Settings on a team member:

Inviting Team Members

Admin users can invite new team members to join the company account. To invite a team member, simply switch to the Team tab of your main settings page and click the Add Team Member button. Fill out the name and email address of the new team member and click Send Invitation. An invitation email will be sent to the provided email address where the user must verify its invitation. By verifying the invitation, the team member is redirected to a basic setup form to set his user name and password to complete the invitation process.

After a new team member has completed the invitation, the status color of the user highlight will switch from yellow pending verification to green verified. A verified team member is then able to collaborate and work within the company account.

Showing your Team on the Company Profile Page

You can show your team to customers and business partners on your company profile page. Showing your team gives your customers a personal impression of your company, so we recommend showing it. Showing or hiding your team is part of the company profile settings that only an admin user of a company account can change. Note that individual team members must give their consent with the Display Public option of their user profile settings before a user profile will be shown publicly.