User Settings

Setting up your User Profile

Each user account has a personal user profile and settings page. The user profile settings can only be accessed by its corresponding user account. Note that not even your company admin can change your individual profile settings. To manage your personal user profile settings you will have to log in to your user account with your personal login credentials first.

User Profile Settings Page

On your user profile settings page you can set up and manage your user profile. Find the user profile settings under the User Profile tab that is part of the main Settings page.

Settings with active user profile tab

Basic Information

The basic user information contains your user name, statement and profile picture. This information is used to render the link preview if a user profile link URL is shared in social media channels, so we recommend to fill that information out completely. You can set your user profile to be public or private. Private user profiles will not be displayed on the company profile page and can not be shared in social media channels or email signatures.

Good to know!

  • You can set your user profile to be public or private
  • Public user profiles are displayed on the public company profile page and can be shared in social media channels and email signatures

User Details

The user details are displayed on your personal user profile page. You can add a job title, your personal social media links or change your account password.

Password and Login Credentials

Your email address and password are the login credentials of your user account and have been initially set up during registration or invitation. Only you as the owner of your user account can change your email and password settings. Changing your email address will require you to reverify your new email address with the verification email we ( will send to your inbox.

What if I forgot my Password?

In case you forgot your password you can reset it by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the login page
  2. Click the Forgot Password? link
  3. Type in the email address that is part of your login credentials
  4. Visit your email inbox for the reset password email
  5. Click on the reset password link to open a browser window with the reset password option
  6. Type in your new password and save it

Good to know!

  • Make sure you have control over the provided email address
  • Check your spam folder in case the reset password email does not show up in your inbox

Saving Changes

To save any changes to your user profile click on the Save Changes action at the bottom of the settings form. If you press Cancel here no changes will be saved to your profile.