User Profile


In user accounts are assigned to a company account and can take two roles, admin users and regular team members. Generally speaking every user account belongs to only one company and every company account must have at least one admin user. Admin users have all the rights a regular team member has but additionally manage the company account and settings.

Your User Profile

Every user account has its individual user profile that can be maintained by the user and set to be private or public in the user settings. Public user profiles are displayed as part of the public company profile. Just like a company profile a user profile has a details page that can be viewed by any visitor if it is set to be public. Private user profiles will not be displayed publicly.

User profile details modal

Company Admin or Team Member

There are two ways of creating a user account in

  1. If you registered a new company account your admin user account is created during registration and you are the first admin user of your company.
  2. To join an existing company account as a team member new users have to be invited by an admin user of that company.

Admin Users:

Team Members:

Working with your User Account

The email address and password you set during registration or invitation are your personal login credentials to your user account, so keep them at a safe place. Your user account is firmly assigned to the company account that you are admin or a team member of.

As a team member you can:

Public or Private User Profiles

Users can decide if their profile is private or public. If set to be public, user accounts will be displayed on the public company profile page where their public user profile is visible. Private user profiles will not be displayed publicly. A user profile does not have to be public to be able to work and chat within the company account, but we generally recommend to show your team to customers and business partners for a more personal impression.

Company details modal

Sharing a User Profile

Every public user profile has a public details page with an individual page URL that can be shared in social media channels, business cards or email signatures. Pasting a public user profile URL into social media channels will render a preview link using the basic profile information. Try it out by using the share action on your user profile and paste the link URL into the address bar of your web browser.