Quick Start

Register your Company Account

All you need to do to get started with reach.aero is to register your free company account. A company on reach.aero can have up to 5 user accounts (employees) joined together for collaboration. But don’t worry, you can invite them later or not at all. If you register a company account you will be its first admin user.

Register with two simple steps:

  1. Register your company profile and admin user
  2. Verify your admin user account


To register simply fill in all necessary company and user data in the registration form and choose which services you want to provide. You can change the services settings later at any time.

After submitting the form, the registration process will automatically create your company profile and your personal company admin user. As a final step you’ll have to verify your new account and email address.

registration form


After submitting the form you will receive a verification email. To verify your account simply click on the button in your verification email or copy the provided link URL into the address bar of your web browser. Clicking on the verification link will redirect you to reach.aero where you will be notified about the verification being completed.

Good to know!

  • Make sure you have control over the provided email address
  • Check your spam folder in case the verification email does not show up in your inbox
  • If you finished the verification in a different browser, you may have to log out of your older session to get verified access
  • The verification token that comes with the verification email is only valid for a limited amount of time, so make sure you complete the process right away
  • If you experience any difficulties during registration, feel free to contact us

Login and Complete your Data

To log in to your new account, use your email and password on the login page. You are now the admin user of your company and have full control over your company account and settings. You can fill out and complete your company and personal user data on the settings page. If you want to, you can now invite up to 5 additional team members to join your company.